BFU budget: Sir Mary raises awareness among teenage motorcyclists

The Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU) commissions Sir Mary for the communicative implementation of the multi-year prevention campaign "Young Motorcyclists".

The agency had convinced the BFU with its "digital DNA" and the understanding to reach the young target group where they are.

As of this year, 15-year-olds are now allowed to ride motorcycles/scooters up to 45 km/h and 16-year-olds have access to 125 cc machines. The BFU, the accident prevention advisory service, fears that this will increase the number of serious and fatal road accidents involving young motorcyclists. It therefore wants to use a national prevention campaign to teach young motorcyclists the necessity of a defensive and anticipatory driving style.

Prevention campaign planned for three years

The Zurich agency Sir Mary won the contract for the three-year prevention campaign, which is co-financed by the Road Safety Fund (FVS): "We were looking for a partner who knows how to communicate with Generation Z at eye level, in a way that young people can identify with. This is the only way that the prevention messages will attract the necessary attention of the target group. Sir Mary convinced us with her digital-first mindset," Jürg Beutler, Head of Communications at the BFU, is quoted as saying.

A cross-channel campaign is planned that will raise awareness among the target group that fun and safety go well together when riding a motorcycle. "As an agency with a digital DNA, understanding how to reach target groups where they are and where they feel comfortable is one of our core competencies. We are very happy to use this strength in the context of an important prevention campaign", says Daniel Zuberbühler, Co-Founder of Sir Mary.

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