ERF Medien launches promotional award for Swiss music

Following the relaunch of the Music Loft in May 2021, ERF Medien's music promotion project is entering the next round. The sponsorship award is intended to invest a total of 5,000 Swiss francs annually in new Swiss music.

"I wish for a next year that is easier for us musicians," said Joel Goldenberger recently in the Christmas Music Loft. The Aargau native's personal Christmas wish accidentally sums up for ERF Medien what is currently on the minds of Swiss artists.

Because with the current pandemic situation, the related uncertainties for live concerts and the changes in recent years towards the streaming market, it seems that things are getting tighter in the music business.

Music Loft has set itself the goal of promoting new Swiss music: with the video format, the platform and the new sponsorship award. Because right now, music needs support.

Hopeful projects sought

The Music Loft sponsorship prize worth 4000 Swiss francs will be awarded at the end of August - to a pop music project that looks hopeful in the eyes of the jury. There is no age restriction.

However, the sponsorship prize is only awarded to Swiss women and men musicians and musicians residing in Switzerland. In addition, artists who personally or with their art deal with Christian spiritual content will be considered.

From the registered projects, five other contenders have the chance to win the "Community Liebling". The Music Loft community will be able to choose their favorite, who will receive 1000 Swiss francs in funding.

Registration for the new grant has been open since Monday.

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