Campfire and BFU: New portal for fall prevention

With, the Campfire agency and the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention are launching a portal for fall prevention in Swiss healthcare.

As one of the sponsoring institutions of the pilot project, the BFU is continuing the work of the "StoppSturz" project, which aims to systematically anchor interprofessional fall prevention for people over 65 in health care. With the new digital portal, the BFU offers professionals tools and knowledge to prevent falls among their clients.

The tools and knowledge on are intended to support professionals - so that they can find everything they need for falls prevention quickly and easily under one roof. An interdisciplinary team of experts from the Swiss healthcare sector developed the content as part of the "StoppSturz" project.

The project was realized by the digital agency Campfire, the information portal was based on the existing design system of BFU and the open source CMS Umbraco and could thus be launched efficiently and in a short time.

Responsible at Campfire: Nico Erb (Research), Dirk Unger (Design), Ash Sharifi (Design), Vedat Demiri, Marc Birkner (Development) and Pius Caduff (Strategy). Responsible at BFU: Benedikt Bucherer (Web Editor) Ursula Meier Köhler (Specialist Fall Prevention), Marc Bächler (Head of Publications) and Jürg Beutler (Head of Communication).


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