Evoq designs exhibition on the "House of Diaconia"

The Wipkingen parish hall in Zurich is in urgent need of renovation. Now that the building application for the 50 million project has been submitted, the foyer of the parish hall is currently showing insights into the history of the building and its planned use as the future "Haus der Diakonie". Evoq Communications realized the exhibition.

The Zurich-based agency Evoq Communications is supporting the Reformed Church of the City of Zurich in its communications for the planned renovation of the building, which is in need of refurbishment. The project loan of around CHF 50 million must be approved by the parish parliament in June and by the parish people of the city of Zurich in September 2024. The exhibition gives the electorate a good insight into this important project for the Reformed Church. The associated website House-of-diaconia.ch offers in-depth information.

The entertaining exhibition, which was created in close cooperation with Streetchurch, shows important stages in the history of the building. At the same time, it shows how the historical significance and use of the building are adapted to today's context in the planning.

Responsible at Evoq: Adrian Schaffner (concept and consulting), Gianluca Flütsch (design), Corinne Brunner (screen design), Giannina Binder (programming). Responsible for Streetchurch Zurich: Philipp Nussbaumer (project management), Dominic Zurbrügg (design), Franzisca Vattolo (production), Jonathan Gut (construction).

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