Summer action: St. Gallen trio "Eismitstil" freshens up old websites

The summer campaign of the East Swiss collective "Eismitstil" starts on Friday. The trio around Marc Boltshauser, Amanda Hermann and Claudio Hetzel pursues the goal of breathing fresh life into old websites. In doing so, each:r brings a different skill to the table.

Starting a summer campaign: The trio Eismitstil with Marc Boltihauser, Amanda Hermann and Claudio Hetzel (from left to right). (Image: zVg,)

From the end of July to the end of August 2022, the trio will check existing websites free of charge for one hour at a time and provide tips. The campaign is intended to inspire companies to make good use of their summer slump. "In today's age, websites are often the first impression of a company or person. We want to help those who do a good job offline, but this is not visible online," writes the trio in a statement.

At the click of a mouse, customers can decide for themselves who they want to work with: "If desired, we will later support the companies or individuals further in the conception and implementation of their new appearance," the trio continues. The focus is on SMEs, start-ups, associations and private individuals in eastern Switzerland.

The trio got to know each other through their self-employment via social media and the entrepreneurial partner network "Die Wertschaffer". Over coffee, they came up with the idea for the summer campaign. Photographer Claudio Hetzel noticed that many companies do not publish portraits of their employees or pictures of the company online. Communications expert Amanda Hermann observed in her work with SMEs that they are often dissatisfied with their online presence. Web expert Marc Boltshauser came to the same conclusion in his observations. Now the trio wants to work together to address these issues and all offer their expertise in all areas needed for a good digital presence - from photo, video, text, concept, web development, UX design, search engine marketing to strategic consulting.


The three have different backgrounds. Marc Boltshauer started his own business with Gettheflow in 2021. Amanda Hermann has been in business since February 2022 with and partner at The value creators entrepreneurial and is studying for a master's degree in organizational communication at the ZHAW on the side. And Claudio Hetzel is on his way to becoming an independent photographer, in addition to his photography training and his job at the photo studio. "We'll show you that it can be as easy as a Glacé-Schläck," they write on their website . The trio plans to continue working together after the summer campaign.

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