Stuiq: Brand identity for Finfox

Zurich-based agency Stuiq has developed the new positioning and brand identity for Finfox - a software product of Zurich-based wealth tech company Ecofin Software and Technology.

StuiqIn a collaborative brand development process, Stuiq, together with the Finfox project team, analyzed the target groups as well as the areas of application of Finfox, defined personas and, based on this, sharpened the product purpose with the corresponding value propositions.

The agency also created the complete corporate design - including a catchy illustration world in the SaaS look - which conveys the identity as well as the digital brand core of Finfox across all touchpoints. An integral part of the project was also the development of the user-centric and conversion-oriented Finfox website for marketing the software. Includes interactive platform graphics for easy explanation of the complex product.

"With the help of the Stuiq team, we have completely redesigned our brand presence and positioned our core product Finfox for the future. In particular, Stuiq's fresh ideas and dedicated collaboration made our rebranding project successful," says Christian Dicke, CEO of Finfox Software and Technology.


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