Hyperraum designs key visual for the Leap Digital Demo Day

Leap aims to mobilize members of Digitalswitzerland and other organizations in the Swiss ecosystem to tap collaborative potential and develop forward-looking and sustainable solutions. For the third time, Hyperraum is realizing the visual communication for the Leap Digital Demo Day and literally gives the event a new face.



"Some of the most pressing challenges cannot be solved alone. They require a collaborative approach to develop sustainable solutions for society and the economy. We see collaborative innovation as key to creating systemic change and unleashing the potential of the digital age to solve today's challenges." This is the core mission of the Digitalswitzerland-developed "Leap Digital Demo Day".

The final goal is to launch a project that will be a win-win situation for all organizations involved as well as for society.

Hyperraum already defined the cornerstone for the visual communication of the event three years ago. At that time, it took place without Corona and under the name "Demo & Pitch Day" at the Kraftwerk in Zurich. The third edition took place on 20 April 2021 exclusively digitally via live stream.

These new circumstances have Hyperspace consciously flow into the key visual. The new way of working created by Corona - with virtual get-togethers - not infrequently results in funny reactions and unexpected moments, which was summarized and visualized with a playfully illustrated face. Different cut-outs in the webcam windows together result in a new collaborative look.

Furthermore, processes were visualized in the form of infographics and new projects were summarized in icons. The goal was to always make the core idea of the project quickly understandable. The style is deliberately illustrative, but at the same time graphic and clean, which should help a simple understanding of the subject.

Responsible at Leap/Digitalswitzerland: Guillaume Gabus, Stephanie Tauber Gomez (Co-Lead Leap), Jan Friedli (Project Manager). Responsible at Hyperspace: Tobias Aeschbacher (Project Lead, Graphic Designer & Illustrator), Vincent Grand (Graphic Designer & Illustrator).

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