Frontwork brings the meatless Coop store in Zug to life

Coop opened the first meat-free supermarket. Kreisvier's POS concept was put into practice by Frontwork.


This Coop in Zug has no Red Bull, no booze, no cigarettes - and no meat either. On around 140 square meters, you'll find only vegetarian and vegan products. The new concept is called "Karma. Karma offers a culinary variety from all over the world: from falafel and couscous to Indian dal, guacamole and Thai curries.

"Around 40 percent of the Swiss population consciously give up meat once a week," says Coop CEO Joos Sutter. The new concept is therefore intended to appeal not only to vegetarians and vegans, but also to so-called flexitarians, i.e. people who consciously consume little meat.


The POS concept for "Karma" was penned by the Kreisvier agency, and Frontwork brought it to life. The ambience specialists created the interior design down to the last detail: fresh and bold materials with playful subjects conjure up a cozy, harmonious atmosphere in the interior. The floor has been designed with stencils and abrasion-resistant paint, with a paint application of only 0.02 mm. The large wall front looks coherent, cozy and seductive. The lettering is in 3-D, contour milled and foiled. Gripping detail: any subject can be printed on the wallpaper. Frontwork also immortalized the "Karma" logo on wooden elements such as chairs, counters and shelves. The brand was applied using a brass plate heated to 600 to 800 degrees. A magnetic board shows the store's team with photos and names. Even the personal name tags of the employees bear the typical signature of "Karma". The store advertising materials for rayons, novelties and promotions are fitted with magnetic clips and are interchangeable.


The communication throughout the project was solution-oriented, the interaction uncomplicated and flexible. The "Karma" project remained secret until the first supermarket of its kind in Switzerland was opened.


Responsible agency: Kreisvier Communications; Christian Jost-Cellarius (Client Services); Simone Bratsche, (Project Management and Consulting). Responsible for interior design: Brem+Zehnder, Muhen. Responsible for production: Frontwork, Fabio Vareni and Tinu Graf.

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