Maria Walliser's Swiss Folic Acid Foundation gets a new face thanks to Velvet

The Lucerne agency Velvet has implemented a complete redesign for Maria Walliser's foundation Folsäure Schweiz.


The Swiss Folic Acid Foundation has been working for 17 years to better inform the Swiss people about the importance of the life vitamin folic acid. The life vitamin is especially important for expectant mothers.

At least 1 month before conception and until the twelfth week of pregnancy, every expectant mother needs twice the amount of folic acid to minimize the risk of open back at birth.

In over 89 countries, folic acid is therefore added to flour. In Switzerland, a parliamentary initiative aimed at doing the same failed. The founding president Erich Meyer as well as the foundation president and former ski star Maria Walliser were all the more personally committed to closing the prevailing "folic acid gap".

Maria Walliser

The foundation's efforts are having an effect. Today, over 75 percent of Swiss people are aware of the vitamin folic acid. In 2000, this figure was still below 40 percent. Another encouraging development is that over 300 products containing folic acid were successfully launched on the market during the same period. Among others, by well-known foundation partners such as Migros, Hug, Wander, the Hochdorf Group and practically all mills in Switzerland.

Despite these successes, there is still a lot to be done - at various levels. For example, the educational work is being consistently pursued and also extended to social media. The foundation's range of activities also continues to include organizing specialist lectures and supporting young people affected by the consequences of folic acid deficiency during pregnancy.

New look, focus on the label

Velvet's strategic focus is on the foundation's label, because products with an extra portion of folic acid can be recognized throughout Switzerland by the folic acid label on the packaging. For this reason, it has been redesigned both graphically and textually and will soon shine in new splendor on many well-known brands such as Blévita, Dar-Vida, Hug Zwieback & Co.


In addition to the label, the Swiss Folic Acid Foundation was completely revamped: new imagery, website, campaigns, moving images and, in addition, customizable partner advertising materials were created.


Responsible at the Swiss Folic Acid Foundation: Erich P. Meyer (Managing Director), Maria Walliser (President of the Foundation Board), Prof. Dr. med. Kurt Baerlocher (Head of the Scientific Advisory Board). Responsible at Velvet Creative Office: Massimiliano Madonna (Consulting/Strategy), Jürg Schaffhuser (CD), Peter Moser (AD), Oli Zwimpfer (Film), Ueli Thalmann Synchronstudio (Sound), Katharina Lütscher (Photography Keyvisuals), Urs Zwyssig (Text).

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