Westiform makes the new Tamedia logo shine

The new Tamedia image brand was already introduced by Tamedia Advertising in November 2016, followed by the entire media group in 2017. Westiform is converting all locations throughout Switzerland and ensuring that the Tamedia "T" is already visible from afar.


As early as March, Westiform began the close collaboration with Tamedia as well as with the Made Identitiy agency, in order to put the figurative mark in the best light and present it optimally. At the beginning of the development process, there was the development of a prototype in small format, which completely convinced both the client and the agency, writes the company. As a total contractor, Westiform took over the project management and the planning of the ancillary construction services. This included, among other things, the stocktaking, including the inspection of the technical execution and official processing of all locations in Switzerland, production of the elements, but also the planning and execution of the dismantling and assembly. The product portfolio includes foiling, illuminated signs and pylons for indoor and outdoor use.


A total of 15 neon signs were installed at eight locations. The largest neon sign was installed at the Bern Zentweg site. It is six 6 meters high and five meters wide. All neon signs were equipped with energy-efficient LED modules and are dimmable.


Despite the most difficult weather conditions, the conversion of eight locations throughout Switzerland was successfully completed by mid-January 2017, Westiform is pleased to announce. The new logo now adorns all the houses of the media group.

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