Twitter shows star users ads again

Previously, influencers and other Twitter stars had their own version of Twitter, which spared them completely from ads. According to the microblogging service, however, this special edition is now being abolished.


In the future, influencers and co. should see as much advertising as "ordinary" users. "Influencers play a different role on Twitter than they do on Instagram. But it also makes sense on this platform that users who are particularly at the center of the public discussion should receive enhanced features. Especially when the discussion reaches a political dimension, it would be helpful for users with a high relevance to have their own tools, for example, to combat hate speech and fake news," social media expert Günter Exel tells the news portal Pressetext.

To use the ad-free version of Twitter, users needed a particularly high number of followers. While Twitter will display the same amount of advertising to all users in the future, they will see fewer sponsored tweets if they meet certain criteria. These include not only many followers, but also how often they use Twitter.


High demand for advertising revenue

At the moment, Twitter is increasing the number of ads displayed for all of its users. Because the social media platform's profit in the third quarter of this year was significantly lower than expected, Twitter has to rely on advertising revenue to make up for the high losses. Star users are not exempt from this. (pte)

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