Posters do not forgive mistakes

OUT OF HOME In its "Momentum Plakat" study, the Institute for Communication Analysis and Optimization (IKAO) investigated the extent to which the colorful poster landscape meets today's standards. The measurement shows that there is a lever towards more attention, recall and performance. The "Momentum Plakat" study shows that there is much more to be done in terms of [...]

The "Momentum Poster" study shows that much more needs to be done in terms of poster advertising to achieve the desired effect. The market data are clear: outdoor advertising is becoming increasingly important in intermedia competition. But how much formal quality do analog and digital poster motifs bring to the streets and squares of German cities? Answers to this question are provided by the "Momentum Plakat" study.From 15 poster-relevant sectors, the IKAO 1,400 motifs analyzed by dialog structure measurement. With the result that there are many more possibilities to address the people.Posters do not forgive mistakesIn three out of four subjects examined, such a high information load was found that simply taking in and decoding the primary messages was clearly beyond the scope of the average viewing time.Every fourth subject also exhibited a tendency towards smallness, which is actually considered the enemy. Further problems were: unsuitable statements, too much text, problematic text representations, use of too many effect elements and reader-unfriendly color codes.Industry comparisonIn the large-format/CLB's segment, the best motif came from the fashion industry. Its overall score: 98.47 percent. Even the weakest motif still achieved 74.61 percent in the fashion segment. The largest gap between top and flop motif was registered in the "Financial Services" sector. Here the difference is 44.16 percent.Conclusion of the study and appeal to brands and agencies: Billboard & Co. are not by-products of communication. Billboards, DOOH spots and LCD animations do not forgive mistakes ... but too many of them are still being made at present.

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