Publicis and Notch serve up new website for Eichhof

The modern online presence for the Lucerne brewery Eichhof focuses on the art of brewing. The website was implemented by Publicis and Notch.


With its long brewing tradition as Switzerland's first specialty brewery and the associated craft beer legends, Eichhof stands for the art of brewing like no other beer in Switzerland. With the newly designed website, this is now also evident on immediately recognizable.

The light, modern look, the large images and the clear lines put the focus on what is really important: the beers. Micro-animations, beer factsheets and "tangible" packshots are designed to further emphasize this.

In addition to information on the wide range of products on offer, visitors can also find out all about the brewery itself and how Eichhof actually brews art.

The backend of the new website is also "crafty": it has been upgraded with the Craft CMS to match Eichhof. After the CI/CD and the packaging of the products were refreshed last year, the redesign of the website and the associated focus on the art of brewing complete the new look.


Responsible at Eichhof: Andrys Aardema, Philipp Häseli, Stefan Steiner, Remo Viceré. Responsible at Publicis/Notch: Matthias Koller, Daniela Steffen, Joas Landis (consulting); Anatole Comte, Cedric Moore, Jan Kempter (UX & creation); Tiago Dias (programming).

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