Writings of banned newspapers set a sign against the suppression of the press

Fonts of Freedom: Serviceplan and Achtung! are turning typefaces from banned daily newspapers into ambassadors of press freedom in Germany.


The fact that newspapers all over the world are being closed down because they represent the "wrong" opinion or report too critically actually seems absurd. Unfortunately, however, it is the reality. According to Reporters Without Borders, there were 140 media organisations in 2018 alone, including many daily newspapers.

The agencies Serviceplan and Achtung! cleverly staged this as part of the "Fonts of Freedom" campaign and made a (type) statement against the worldwide suppression of the press. The creative team reconstructed the house fonts of nine newspapers, which were banned in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tanzania, Hungary and Russia, and produced entire font sets from them. They made these available to German daily newspapers, which used them to produce their front pages and media pages. The participants were The World, which South German Newspaper, which TAZ and Augsburger Allgemeine.

The motto: Out of sight, but not out of mind. So that the suppressed, banned newspapers are certainly not forgotten, the ROG campaign also includes a portal (Fonts-for-freedom.com), on which the reconstructed writings can be downloaded or own statements can be written with it. And of course, donations may be made for the freedom of the press.

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