Corriere del Ticino and Giornale del Popolo launch their own marketing campaign

As announced in December, Corriere del Ticino and Giornale del Popolo are going into self-marketing as of 1 April. From this date, MediaTI Marketing, a subsidiary of Corriere del Ticino, will be responsible for market development and no longer Publicitas.


"New challenges in the advertising markets, stronger market presence and proximity, greater flexibility, as well as the creation of multi-media solutions for advertisers, advertising and media agencies have led the largest private media house in Ticino to take this step" says Simone Bianchi, General Director of MediaTI Marketing.

"We are starting this new era with a lot of respect but also with great determination and joy and we will do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for the national advertising market to access our media", says Moreno Cavaliere, delegate and responsible for the new marketing tasks of Corriere del Ticino Plus (Corriere del Ticino and Giornale del Popolo) in the national advertising market.

The Corriere del Ticino Group covers the entire media diversity of the Canton of Ticino with its print, TV, radio and online media as a leader.

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