Salvation Army and Thjnk Zurich set a creative example against homelessness

In an artistically staged OOH campaign in public places in Zurich and Bern, the Salvation Army Switzerland and the Zurich agency Thjnk jointly drew attention to the problem of homeless people in Switzerland. A film documents the campaign.

(Pictures: Salvation Army Switzerland/Timon Flükiger)

With "Homeless Cardboards", the Salvation Army wanted to make visible in an unconventional way what is often overlooked or does not want to be noticed - homelessness in wealthy Switzerland. A duo consisting of an artist and an artist turned old cardboard, which had previously been collected from the streets and squares, into oversized sculptures. These sculptures depicted homeless people who often use packaging material such as cardboard as a place to sleep. The campaign was documented in a film in order to draw attention to the problem audiovisually.

Waste cardboard locations became a stage

The sculptures were placed in locations where the usual waste cardboard was located. They were intended to attract the attention of passers-by and draw attention to the challenges surrounding the issue. A sign on the side explained the campaign and called for donations to help homeless people.

Simon Bucher, media spokesman for the Salvation Army, emphasizes that combating homelessness in Switzerland is a key concern for the Salvation Army. "We are prepared to take an unconventional approach to this important issue." He emphasizes that the Salvation Army's transit and residential facilities have seen a strong and sustained increase in the number of people taking advantage of their services. Aware of this, the Salvation Army decided to carry out the "Homeless Cardboards" campaign together with Thjnk.

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