Axa and Publicis: Sustainability in the focus of the new campaign

In collaboration with Publicis, AXA is launching a new sustainability campaign to show which services and products the insurance company uses to support its customers' sustainability ambitions.

A red plastic bag is blown through the city by the wind. Hot on its heels is a young girl who tries in vain to catch it. She finally succeeds thanks to the help of a passer-by and the plastic bag can be disposed of. The emotional film forms the centerpiece of a large-scale sustainability campaign that was launched today. The campaign aims to show which products and services Axa can use to support its customers' sustainability ambitions.

Focus on biodiversity, e-mobility and prevention

The campaign focuses on Axa's offerings in the areas of biodiversity, electromobility and private pension provision. In addition to the main film, there are three other commercials that deal with the three focus topics mentioned. The connecting element of the three videos is the girl in the main spot and her family. In the first film, she can be seen installing a bee hotel. This draws attention to the Axa biodiversity initiative Flora Futura. The insurance company is striving to ecologically enhance around two million square meters by 2025. Another spot shows the family charging their electric car, which is intended to draw attention to Axa's e-mobility offers. In the third video, a wind turbine symbolizes the shared responsibility for the future and underlines the possibility of investing in Axa's private pension plan in a fund that pursues clear sustainability goals.

Sustainability in production

Environmental compatibility and accessibility also played a major role in the production of the campaign. For example, additional versions were developed and produced for people with visual impairments. In addition, the reduction of CO2 emissions was taken into account in all decisions, from creative development and production to the media mix. For example, the production of the commercials was designed to avoid unnecessary travel and set changes during filming. In addition, only vegetarian food was provided on location.

The "Together for more sustainability" campaign can be seen live on television, various social media channels and other online platforms from today.

Responsible at Axa: Claudia Suter (Head Brand, Social Media & Advertising), Benjamin Oberlin (Team Lead Advertising & Performance), Tanja Hediger (Senior Advertising Manager), Lilian Schmidt (Brand Manager), David Blust (Paid Social Expert), Nadja Gysin (Content Manager), Joëlle Jeitler (Communications Manager), Sasha Knezovic (Multimedia Producer). Responsible at Publicis Zurich (creation and realization): Johnny Grubenmann (Creative Director), Philipp Klink (Senior Copywriter), Henry Clarke (Copywriter), Sebastian Danielsson (Senior Art Director), Cedric Fuchs (Art Director), Flurin Hardt (Senior Account Director), Stefania Bertolo (Account Director). Team Prodigious: Art buying, pre-press, image editing, motion, realization and production consulting. Responsible at Media Agentur: Tanja Kneubühler (Group Head, Client Leadership), Rahel Buchser (Senior Manager Digital), Jule Heckler (Executive Client Leadership), Jonas Haberthuer (Digital Executive). Brand: Axa Group: Ulrike Decoene (Group Chief Communications, Brand & Sustainability Officer), Virginie Berçot (Global Brand Director), Marta Grech (Strategic Brand Partner, Europe). ADVERTISING AGENCY: Publicis, Marco Venturelli (President in Charge of Creation), Steve O'Leary (Executive Creative Director), Cédric Moutaud, Emmanuelle Bougueret (Art Director), Jean-Christophe Royer, Montassar Chlaika (Copywriter), Antoine Collignon (Planning Director), Marion Le Forsonney (Strategic Planner), Cécile Cuzin (Process Manager), Patrick Leclercq (Global Client Lead), Anne Combe (Group Account Director), Manon Rabette-Gache (Account Manager), Marie Le Lanchon (Account Executive). AGENCY PRODUCTION: Prodigious. Armelle Sudron (Agency Producer). PRODUCTION: Soup Film. Matt Smukler (Director), Ada Zuiderhoek, Jana Salome Melzer (Executive Producer), Joschka Bauer, Nina Franz (Producer), Albrecht Silberberger (Director of Photography), Sven Budelmann (Editor Directors cut). POST-PRODUCTION HOUSE: Prodigious Alexia Besnarous (Post-Producer), Yannick Giffard, Fred Baudet (Editors), Muriel Archambault (Colorist), Nicolas Vogel, François Xavier Clément, Louis Nicod (Flame artist), Sébastien Moisescot, Krzysztof Karnicki, Mickael Hernandez, Léo Auger (After Effects), Christophe Caurret (Creative Sound Director), Carsten Krueger (Sound producer), Maxime Rouge, Grégoire Bucaille (Music Research), Camille Massé (Music Business Affairs). PHOTOGRAPHY: Guillaume Nadaud (Photographer KV), Artifices (Retouching studio), Laura Miravet (Retouching Supervisor), Guillaume Nadaud (Photographer and Photo Editor Image bank).

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