Sustainable is more fun: Unique item for Lidl and WWF

Unikat has implemented an awareness-raising campaign for Lidl Switzerland and WWF Switzerland. Under the motto "Sustainable is more fun", the companies want to encourage customers to consume more sustainably as part of their long-standing partnership.

The campaign starts on Monday and can be seen on various channels throughout Switzerland for four weeks. The background to the campaign is the partnership agreement between the retailer and WWF Switzerland, which has been extended by three years in 2023. "The current campaign once again underlines our appreciative partnership with WWF Switzerland and our ambitious sustainability goals," explains Nicholas Pennanen, CEO of Lidl Switzerland.

While sustainability goals are defined in a wide variety of areas, the campaign deliberately focuses on particularly accessible topics such as plant-based alternatives, organic food and food waste. The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to make small changes in their everyday lives and to try something new. The campaign aims to show that everyone can make a difference through conscious shopping.

The Zurich agency Unikat was jointly responsible for implementing the campaign. The slogan "Sustainable is more fun" is intended to emphasize that shopping is not only about conscious consumption, but also about joy and positive feelings. "It was important to us to give the campaign a positive feel. There are already enough negative messages in this area," says Daniel Meier, Creative Director of Unikat. Doing something good for the environment should not be associated with coercion, but with a smile.

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