Serviceplan Suisse for Accelleron: Focus on people

"Move Further": The turbocharger company Accelleron launches the next phase of its brand campaign with implementations for print, digital and out-of-home.

Accelleron is looking to strengthen its position in the turbocharger sector with a campaign that follows the image film released last fall and includes a new series of print, out-of-home and online visuals. The campaign was developed in collaboration with Serviceplan Suisse. The new assets build on the design language introduced at the brand's launch to showcase Accelleron's employees and products, as well as the environment in which they work.

"Just like with the campaign film, it was important to find a visual approach that focuses on the people who make Acceleron possible - with their expertise and all that drives them," says Micha Seger, executive creative director at Serviceplan Suisse. Accelleron Industries (ACLN) was formerly part of ABB and is listed on the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange.

Responsible at Accelleron: Magdalena Okopska (Vice President Communications), Antonietta Allocca (Head of Brand Management and Partnership), Philip Oh (Senior Product Marketing Communications Manager). Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Pam Hügli, Raul Serrat (overall responsibility), Peter Schäfer (strategy), Micha Seger (executive creative direction), Philipp Intlekofer (art direction), Henry Clarke and Joss Arnott (copywriting), Sylvia Kohler and Caroline Ronzani (consulting). Production: Speedball Productions GmbH - Vlens Müller-Feller. Photography: Bo Lelewel.

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