Feldschlösschen: Scholz & Friends repositions Eve

Scholz & Friends Zurich and Feldschlösschen launch a campaign to reposition Eve, a beer-based aperitif drink.

When you're with the right people, a rainstorm becomes an enrichment, a broken string of lights leads to enlightenment, and the cake is perfect precisely because it's not. In short: you enjoy what comes. That is the guiding principle of the new communication platform for Eve. An attitude that should predominantly strike a chord with the female target group.

The orchestrated campaign is the first appearance after a brand-strategic repositioning with workshops and target group interviews, which was also developed jointly by Scholz & Friends and Feldschlösschen. With it, Eve is also breaking new ground in terms of media: the campaign, which was conceived with a digital-first approach, focuses on cinematic storytelling in short online video formats and in social media. In addition to the five spot motifs, the campaign can also be seen in TV sponsorship, DOOH and at the PoS.


Responsible at Feldschlösschen: Andreas Locher (Director Beyond Beer, Water & Soft Drinks), Tanya Huber (Brand Manager), Kristina Schumann (Senior Brand Manager). Responsible at Scholz & Friends: Joana Faria, Franziska Stäger, Aster Loerli, David Fischer, Christian Vosshagen, Stese Wagner, Birgit Schuster, Martin Arnold (Creation) Elodie Caucigh, Ella Papadakis, Maike Hoff, Mathias Rösch (Consulting), Lena Altorfer (Strategy), Alina Resnicek (FFF). Film production: McQueen, directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock. Photography: Lina Grün. Sound studio: BLOOP Sound & Music. Media agency: Mediaschneider AG

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