Wirz and Rhaetian Railway celebrate 50 years of Bernina Express

Since 1973, the Bernina Express has transported around ten million passengers. To celebrate this, Wirz has launched a year-round campaign and its own landing page.

The red train connection arouses emotions not only among rail fans. The journey across the Grisons Alps offers many natural spectacles and unique structures such as the famous Landwasser Viaduct.

The campaign will use six different subjects to show how much the Bernina Express has inspired its passengers over the past 50 years. The subjects appear as DOOH, OOH, advertisements, social stories and display ads. The moving and still advertising media, as well as an additional radio spot, will be launched throughout the year to match the seasons.

All advertising materials lead to the Landing pageon which users can generate and share their own motif using an image generator. As part of a competition, there is a chance to win your own 1st class panorama car for a ride on the Bernina Express.

Responsible at Rhaetian Railway: Chantal Berger (Market Manager Switzerland), Ladina Schwarz (Marketing Communication), Samira Walther (Product Manager Bernina Express). Responsible at Wirz Group: Alain Eicher, Florian Siegrist, Björn Bippus, Nico Schläpfer, Yannick Schaller, Morris Lötscher, Lana Zumbrunnen, Valentin Caflisch, Janna Löhr, Philipp Ortner, Rahel Signer, Karin Gartmann, Corinne Räber, Oliver Fäs. Responsible at 1up: Jim Schmid (Partner), Stefanie Edelmann (Project Manager).

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