Spina's Civil Voices puts new spin on Zewo seal of approval

For the Zewo seal of approval for donations, the Spinas Civil Voices agency is launching a new campaign in which the exchange of individual letters clarifies what the seal is all about.

"Your donation in good hands", this trust is created by the Zewo seal of approval. Certified organizations have successfully passed an auditing process and are regularly checked by Zewo to ensure that donations are used for the intended purpose, economically and effectively.

For ten years, Spina's Civil Voices has been creating cross-media campaigns to strengthen the seal of approval, always with the same basic concept. As a result, awareness of the Zewo seal of approval has almost doubled within a decade, the agency says. Also the attention with the donation decision had clearly increased.

To keep it informative and entertaining, the agency has given the current wordplay campaign a new twist: Now a single letter clarifies what particularly distinguishes organizations with the Zewo seal of approval. Since November 2022, the Zewo cubes have been spinning in customized adaptations on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in native ads on news platforms and in print ads.

Responsible at Zewo: Martina Ziegerer (Business Manager), Maja Gloor. Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Lorenz Spinas (CD), Reni Odermatt (text), Nicolas Stark (AD), Conny Geibel (consulting).

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