TBWA\Zurich for Emmi Beleaf: Beleaf it or not

With its Beleaf brand, Emmi has been focusing for two years on an increasingly broad range of products in the fast-growing market for milk alternatives. The new campaign for this comes from TBWA\Zurich.

The food trend for plant-based foods has grown strongly in recent years. Emmi is responding to this growing demand for milk alternatives with the Beleaf brand. The range of just under 20 products extends from yogurts to milk alternatives and desserts.

While numerous brands focus on vegans and vegetarians, Beleaf sees the 60 percent of people in Switzerland who describe themselves as flexitarians as the main target group. Based on this objective, TBWA\Zurich's strategy team has identified barriers among potential new customers that still keep them away from milk alternatives and can be refuted with arguments.

Under the motto "Beleaf it or not" and a truth to the respective product, the campaign invites a broad audience to get involved with the milk alternatives. The result is 16 subjects, four of which can be seen as posters and DOOH in the largest Swiss cities, as well as in retail outlets. All the motifs are in use in front of Zurich's main train station and reach hundreds of thousands of people every day.

In addition, TBWA\Zurich developed a new corporate identity for the brand in the course of the campaign implementation and also further expanded the brand's previous imagery.

Responsible at Beleaf: Nicole Zemp (Global Category Head Yogurt), Katharina Wind (Global Marketing Manager), Carolina Yepes (Global Marketing Manager Yogurt/Desserts), Sonja Hennecke (Head Brand & Communication Management Vegan), Michael Lötscher (Head Business Unit Vegan. Responsible at TBWA\Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Angelo Sciullo, Tizian Walti, Sarah Rüegger, Martin Stulz, Hanning Beland, Alisea Ferrara, Selina Engeli (creation), Pierre Copsey, Fabrice Studer (video production), Lukas Diem (strategy), Sina Gelin (consulting), Toni Rubera, Noemi Rubera (image editing and DTP).

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