Wunderman Thompson for PostFinance: Is this normal?

The new PostFinance card can now be used to pay anywhere - even online and abroad. Wunderman Thompson provides the proof in an informative campaign. The campaign is aimed at both private customers and store owners.


The new PostFinance Card is combined with Debit Mastercard. For this reason, the previous cards are now being replaced piece by piece with the new PostFinance Card. This will enable customers to pay wherever they see the Mastercard or PostFinance logo. There will be no additional costs for them.

PostFinance chose Wunderman Thompson's campaign after a pitch. For the agency, the challenge was to cover all target groups and subject areas with a single core message and campaign mechanics. That's because in addition to the general information of switching cards, the card's multiple uses must be emphasized: For payment in online retail, in gastronomy, the service sector and abroad.

To convey the message, the message of the PostFinance main campaign is taken up, but instead of claiming "It's normal, isn't it?" as there, the question is asked "Is it normal?".

PostFinance PostFinance PostFinance PostFinance PostFinance

The idea is that PostFinance does not know what is normal, because everyone should decide for themselves. But what PostFinance does know for sure: "Paying everywhere with the new PostFinance Card - that's now normal".

The campaign has been on-air since mid-June and consists of five different subjects that were specifically designed for moving image channels as well as print and OOH and are played out in all common formats, both digital and analog.

Responsible at PostFinance: Manuela Leuenberger (Head of Market Development), Jacqueline Gerber (Campaign and Communication Manager), Sascha Steinmann (Team Leader Market Development), Tiziana De Nuccio (Social Media Manager). Responsible at Wunderman Thompson: Marika Magnuszewska (Art Direction), Berni Brungs (Text), Samuel Wicki (Creative Direction); Kathrina Seiler (Production); Sandro Tschuor (Business Director), Franziska Saxer (Senior Account Director). External partners: Shining Film (film production), Leonardo Sanfilippo (executive producer), Yanik Müller (senior producer), Jyri Pasanen (director), Daryl Hefti (camera), Jonathan Heyer (photographer), Wolfgang Weigl (edit), Simon Hardegger (grading), JingleJungle (sound studio). Responsible for Havas Media (offline media): Georges Bérard (Client Service Director), Claudia Gantenbein (Account Manager). Responsible at Webrepublic (online media): Vanessa Pinter (Client Solutions Associate), Lorin Vögeli, David Rubeli (Programmatic), Michael Zenhäusern (Social Media), Daniela Ertl (SEA).

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