Galaxus launches the "Balitea" with a rap video

After Haftbefehl, Capital Bra, Shirin David and Migros, Galaxus is launching its own iced tea with two flavors. The face of the campaign and "Balitea" namesake is in-house editor Simon Balissat. The iced tea comes with a matching soundtrack including rap star Lil Bruzy.

If you're late, life punishes you. Not so at Galaxus. Although the company's own iced tea arrives later than the "Tastea" from its parent company Migros, it comes with plenty of "oomph": "Balitea" is accompanied by a juicy rap soundtrack. The face of the campaign is editor and self-proclaimed YouTube star Simon Balissat. He is musically supported by rapper Lil Bruzy.

Once again, Galaxus doesn't take itself too seriously and aims to amuse with a wink. The iced tea is available in the flavors peach hibiscus and rooibos orange. It is available now at; a pack of twelve costs just under 20 francs.

What Capital Bra can do, Galaxus can do better

It all started with a simple Iced tea tasting for the Galaxus community. Capital Bras "Bratee" and Shirin David's "DirTea" did not go down well with tester Simon Balissat. Instead, he came up with the idea of creating his own: "The idea was to mix our own iced tea and maybe sell a few. Then it got a bit out of hand in the conception with the project team. Now my face is not only on a bottle, but I'm a rapper and in a video clip," says Balissat, an editor at Galaxus. One phone call with food manufacturer Holderhof later, the concept was in place. Without further ado, Simon Balissat got into his XL Fubu pants, put on the hygiene suit and launched the "Balitea" production.

The soundtrack to the iced tea is available on all common platforms. The video clip is played out online with a focus on social media channels.

Responsible at Digitec Galaxus: Simon Balissat (Teamlead Editorial, Idea, Concept, Singer, Lyricist), Julian Stauffer (Art Director, Concept, Lyricist), Valentina Sproge (Concept, Video, Editing, Camera), Armin Tobler (Concept, Direction, Video, Editing, Camera), Eva Lipecki (Concept, Project Management, Producer, Brand Management), Martin Walthert (Chief Marketing Officer), Flurin Spring (Creative Director), Ursina Grimm (Head of Brand Management), Martin Jungfer (Head of Content), Claudio Candinas (Teamlead Video, Social Media & Community), Manuel Wenk (2. Camera Assistant), Thomas Kunz (Camera, Photography), Mia Kuchen (Design), Luca Giugliano, Gesine Hauder (Media Planning), Cédric Feusi (Digital Marketing). Music video support: Fabian Niklaus (assistant director), Lukas Graf (lighting), Yoro Tobler (lighting assistant), Julia Furer, Markus Egloff (sound engineer), Pascale Egli, Linus Rieser (1st camera assistant), Ramón Königshausen (color grading), Manuel Gerber (sound design), Mikki Levy-Strasser, Luca Merz (set and costume), Gabriela Wassmer (make-up). Support with the Balitea song: Lil Bruzy (singer and lyricist), Simon Lanzi (producer), Claudio Cueni (mixing), Dan Suter (mastering).

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