Core fire shows how BAZG pushes the limits

The former Federal Customs Administration FCA has changed its name as of January 1, 2022. The name change is accompanied by a trilingual film produced and realized by Kernbrand for the Federal Office of Customs and Border Security BAZG.

After Kernbrand 2021 was already allowed to realize a recruitment campaign, the agency from St.Gallen has designed and implemented a new image film for the name change of the Swiss Customs.

With this film, the BAZG wants to give an insight into its tasks and make a further contribution to publicizing the new profession of "customs and border security specialist".

For this purpose, a five-person film team from the agency followed the heels of the Federal Office's employees and recorded their challenging everyday lives. The result is a film that focuses on the people behind the BAZG, shows their motivation and their everyday lives.

The agency is responsible for all steps of the production - from concept to shooting schedule to editing. For the shooting in the border area around Basel, agency manager Oliver Fehr was supported by cameraman Franco di Nunzio.

Responsible for core fire: Alexander Raschle (concept); Oliver Fehr (direction, production, editing ); Felicia Aepli (sound and editing).

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