Seed shows that there is "per se - eifach meh" from Creabeton

Zurich-based film production company Seed has developed and produced a new image film for concrete distributor Creabeton. The film visualizes why it pays not to be a "Rappenspalter".

Creabeton distributes concrete products for building construction, civil engineering, road construction, gardening and landscaping. The product range comprises over 7,000 items, from concrete pipes for sewage systems to trendy concrete furniture. The company aims to differentiate itself through first-class services.

Against this background, Seed developed and realized the new image film. The film takes a tongue-in-cheek look at Rappenspalter and shows that it pays to be supplied by Creabeton. The film was directed by Adrian Wisard.

The film will be used on Creabeton's website, social media, presentations and events.

Responsible at Creabeton: Bruno Ruesch, Michel Egli. Responsible at Seed Audio-Visual Communication: Adrian Wisard (script, direction, editing), Rafael Kistler/André Schneider (camera), Jakob Wessely (lighting), Julia Morf (set design, props), Simon Hardegger (color grading), UKO The Audio Suite (sound mixing), Claudio Garovi (production/recording management), Felix Courvoisier (producer).

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