Zimmermann Communications for Nussbaum: Made comfortable on the floor

The agency Zimmermann Communications has visually staged the advantages of the floor heating control module Therm-Control for Nussbaum.

An ongoing issue for building owners, specialist planners and heating engineers: floor heating installations that react sluggishly and statically and the resulting overheated or cold rooms that are not only unpleasant for the occupants but also mean higher operating maintenance and service costs.

The new, intelligent individual room control Therm-Control should now provide a remedy and ensure a perfectly regulated room temperature at all times. Easy to use, efficient and so comfortable that you can make yourself comfortable right on the floor.

The key visual forms the focal point of the new campaign for Therm-Control and is designed and implemented for various offline and online advertising media. From ads to a product brochure and direct mailings to animated online displays, social media ads and various POS advertising media.

Responsible to R. Nussbaum: Daniel Bader (Head of Marketing Communications and PR), Ivana Covella (Team Leader Marketing Communications and PR), Marion Nützi (Marketing Communications Planner), Miriam Eggmann (Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Manager), Sebastian del Valle (Product Manager Therm-Control). Responsible at Zimmermann Communications: Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction), Hekuran Avdili, Ramon Alder (Art Direction), Marietta Mügge (Text), Florian Bieniek (Project Management), Dominik Mätzener (Managing Director Consulting). Implementation and production of digital advertising material: Zimmermann Communications, Markus Müller (photography), Visual Eyes (photo production).

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