KSP for Coop City: Sustainable products in the new "city" appearance

Since the beginning of 2021, the campaigns for Coop City with brochures, advertisements, newsletters and microsites have been called "City - Inspirations for every day" and come with a new, more modern and graphic look. KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner is responsible for the implementation.


For the first time, the department store's entire sustainable product range is communicated in a bundle under the motto "Living Consciously". The result is an aesthetic appearance that offers "green products" for every everyday situation.

Responsible at Coop City: Pia Bracher (Head of CM/Procurement Near and Non Food); Ursula Künzle (Head of Advertising WH); Claudine Kalbermatter (Project Management Advertising WH). Responsible at KSP: Uwe Schlupp, Anita Kummer (creative direction); Alba Rau, Laura Grümann (art direction); Jelena Germann, Lukas Vigniti (graphics); Barbara Sarras (text); Melanie Hanimann, Sabrina Deuss, Tiffany Brunner (consulting); Manuela Pasanen, Bianca Jäger (DTP); Karin Heer, Andrea Maurer (photography, styling); Detail AG (image editing).

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