Jeff promotes "Home & Living Hub" from Swiss Life

With the "Haus & Wohnen" campaign, Swiss Life is positioning itself as a comprehensive advisor for self-determined living in one's own home. Jeff is responsible for the concept, creation and production of the campaign.

Swiss Life has a broad range of services in the area of "House & Home" and would like to make this even more accessible to those interested in home ownership. In Switzerland, around two thirds of all tenants are interested in home ownership. The comprehensive digital campaign has been running since Monday and includes various communication measures to strengthen the positioning over a period of four years.

"House & Home Hub" and concentrated consulting competence

The "Haus & Wohnen Hub" on is the heart of the campaign. The hub serves as a digital contact point for people interested in home ownership - articles, checklists and explanatory videos on the topics of savings, financing, affordability and mortgages are intended to provide comprehensive information on the dream of home ownership. Integrated online calculators also provide individual information on initial costs for mortgages and their long-term affordability.


Responsible at Swiss Life: The Swiss Life teams. In charge at Jeff's:  Peter Day (Partner), Peter Broder (Senior Project Manager Digital), Mischa Müller (Art Director), Nicolas Jakob (Art Director), Isabella Wiesinger (Creative Film Producer), Kevin Ringli (Video Content Creator), Holger Gutknecht (Senior Motion Designer). Other partners: Dan Cermak (photographer and director), Alex Herzog (camera), Sebahat Film + Foto (film + photo production). Responsible at iundf Media Impact: Larissa Mörgeli (Senior Media Consultant), Marcel Bieri (Senior Media Consultant). Responsible at Webrepublic: Hideka Setta (Consultant SEA), Christoph Voellmy (Team Manager SEA).

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