Publicis focuses particularly on individual customers of Swiss Post

In a new campaign, the Zurich agency Publicis shows that Swiss Post is also there for particularly individual people.

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A young woman who herds goats in the alpine pastures in summer turns out to be a hospital employee in winter who practices shuffle fitness and celebrates cosplay parties. Or the man who regularly feeds his lizards and washes his car as a professor explaining electromagnetically induced grids in the hybrid semiconductor quantum dot nanorod system to his students. In the films developed by Publicis and realized with director Alex Feil, special ways are shown of how individually the main character of the film lives - in each case with a constant camera return through their sometimes very surprising lives.

With the campaign, Swiss Post wants to make its service-public idea its claim "Swiss Post is there for everyone." in a new way: With its new and traditional services, Swiss Post is there for everyone, no matter how unusual his or her habits may be. In an increasingly fragmented Switzerland, the various services and Swiss Post as a whole are very relevant for people and companies.

This is how Swiss Post is responding to changes in society and the economy - to show that it is committed to providing logistics, communications and mobility services to meet the changing needs of a wide range of people and businesses throughout Switzerland.

The campaign will be used both digitally and on television in various lengths.

Responsible at the post office: Alexander Fleischer, Christina Buck, Daniela Ciotto, Michel Sulser, Christian Erdmann. Responsible at Publicis: Albert Matzinger (text); Silvia Meierhofer (art direction); Peter Brönnimann, Pablo Schencke (creative direction); Thomas Wildberger (CEO); Anna Magnaguagno, Urs Hirschi (consulting); Sarida Bossoni; Suzana Kovacevic (integrated producers). At Pumpkin Film: Alex Feil (Director); Jan Mettler (Cinematographer); Sonja Brand (Managing Director); Birgit Damen (Producer). Photos: Claudia Link.

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