Karling shows the art of packaging for Sihlcity

One of the highlights of Christmas is, of course, the presents. Karling has launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign for Sihlcity's parcel service.


With gifts, the beautiful packaging plays an important role and provides a lot of anticipation. But who hasn't experienced this: wrapping a gift is not that easy. Sometimes you haven't cut out enough wrapping paper, and then the folding doesn't work. Sihlcity promises a remedy and, in addition to the thousands of gift ideas in around 80 stores, also offers a large parcel service.

In the campaign developed for this purpose, Karling shows gifts that are not wrapped the way you would like them to be - accompanied by the message that Sihlcity's parcel service is happy to help.

The campaign can now be seen on banners, Insta-stories, posters and eBoards.


Responsible at Sihlcity: Marianne Guldimann, Jessica Graf, Corinne Wiederkehr. Responsible at Karling: Verena Bernasconi, Daniel Serrano, Patrick Suter, Gjin Paloka. Photography: Ilka&Franz.

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