With Ogilvy and Ford, you get more free printing

To promote Ford's free 4x4 upgrade, Ogilvy launched an eye-catching campaign.


Ford's vehicles prove themselves not only on city streets, but also on more challenging terrain. When you buy the Kuga, Edge, Explorer, Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy models this fall, you get a free all-wheel drive upgrade.

Ogilvy promoted the campaign with an eye-catching campaign urging city dwellers to break out of the city. The striking visuals show what simply belongs to the extended radius thanks to all-wheel drive - more dirt.

The 360-degree campaign includes advertisements, radio spots, banners, social media and dealer measures. The campaign is valid until the end of the year.

Responsible at Ford: Donato Bochicchio (Managing Director), Uta Eichstetter (Marketing Manager), Andrès Otz (Communication Specialist). Responsible at Ogilvy: Gabriel Schuster, Andreas Szentkuti, David Elmiger, Stephanie Lang (creation), Marcel Kohler, Sascha Isenschmid (graphics), Dogan Koeseoglu, Marc Fuhrer, Camille Zuber (consulting), Christine Rainford (overall responsibility). Production: Visualeyes, Marie-Christine Gerber (photography), Filipa Fernandes (set design), AschmannKlauser (image editing).

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