Content and Form and Black&Blaze interfere in the US election campaign

Im Rahmen einer neuen Kampagne machen sich Inhalt und Form und ihr Kunde Black&Blaze für mehr genüssliche Ruhe auf der amerikanischen Politbühne stark.

Inhalt und Form und Black&Blaze mischen sich in den US-Wahlkampf ein

The election campaign for the American presidency is in full swing. Reason enough for the Zurich premium coffee Black&Blaze to campaign on its own behalf.

With a short clip, the Zurich-based coffee roasting company calls on people to opt for "enjoyable peace". Whether this means voting out Donald Trump or just choosing Black&Blaze coffee is in the eye of the beholder.

Black&Blaze's mini-election campaign is being run on mainstream social media channels.


Responsible at Black&Blaze: Liri Rama, Claude Stahel (campaign management). Responsible for content and form: Karin Estermann (Campaign Manager); David Hugentobler (Political Consultant Text); Mato Bilic (Political Consultant Art); Caroline Minar (Hand Model).

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