McDonald's and TBWA\Zurich deliver what you love

In a current campaign for McDonald's "McDelivery" delivery service, TBWA\Zurich and OMD Switzerland show how emotion and innovation come together in the moment of hot hunger.

McDonald’s «Lass dir liefern, was du liebst» McDelivery (TBWA_Zürich, 2020) 0-6 screenshot

Like the pickle, like the green sock: Disgusted, it is thrown away. (Screenshot:

The current TVC by TBWA\Zurich in collaboration with Jan Bonny and Shining shows that each person has their own preferences. The campaign is accompanied by three food subjects that are based on the learned McDonald's productions. Only that they are now placed at home in different life situations.

For an additional push, the campaign will be accompanied by a sales campaign that will be used online, in the McDonald's app and on public transport in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. 

In addition, the current campaign has an appearance as a perimeter ad in the online game Football Manager 2020 to reach gamers at the moment of their ravenous appetite. In this area, the Omnicom Mediagroup, together with Drop8, is proving to be a "first mover" in Switzerland. The campaign will be on air until mid-November. 


Responsible at McDonald's Switzerland:Stijn Heytens (Marketing Director), David Smadja (Digital Marketing Lead), Anne-Cécile Combe (Senior Digital Consultant).Responsible at TBWA\Zurich:Manuel Wenzel, Tizian Walti, Angelo Sciullo, Reto Clement, Susanna Fill, Wolf Gaertner, Sabine Grossmann, (creation) Dominik Laubscher, Chiara D'Arpa (consulting).Responsible at OMD Switzerland (Media): Julien Swoboda (Communication Director), Alina Punz (Digital Director), Christian Bremer (Project Manager), Drop8 AG (Publisher) Sam Lutz (Founder).Partners:Shining Film (film production), Jan Bonny (director), Mokoh Music (music production), Schaub Stierli, Roland Kniel (photography).

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