Gestalten stages the roaring twenties for the Kunsthaus Zürich

For the new exhibition "Schall und Rauch" ("Sound and Smoke") about the 1920s in the Zurich Kunsthaus, the agency Gestalten has realized a campaign.


The 1920s are considered to be years of new beginnings, but also a time of relapses. After the First World War, people in all areas felt a great thirst for life and entertainment. Accordingly, not only the culture presented itself as diverse and vital, but also the society, which had to cope with the overthrow of role models and conventions from several sides.

This momentum, which is still reflected in society today in the form of innovation and experimentation, was captured by the designers from Binz in Zurich in a poster for the exhibition. In addition to the poster, the visual can be seen digitally and in various printed implementations.

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