Jung von Matt/Limmat implements another Swissmilk campaign with cow Lovely

Jung von Matt follows on from last year's campaign for Swissmilk and once again puts Lovely the dairy cow in the spotlight.

The Swiss milk producer Swissmilk wants to sensitize customers from all over Switzerland to the origin of dairy products and thus contribute to the reduction of long transport routes. For this purpose, Jung von Matt/Limmat has created a TV commercial together with the Swiss comedian and, once again, with the dairy cow Lovely, which is intended to bring this topic closer to the viewers in a humorous way.

The trilingual campaign will be implemented throughout Switzerland, with the TV spot and OOH media featuring Charles Nguela and Lovely the cow taking centre stage. In addition, digital measures and a competition will convey the message that dairy products taste best when they come from close by.


Responsible at SwissmilkStefan Arnold (Head of Marketing); Martin Rüst (Head of Advertising & Key Account); Daniela Schmutz (Project Manager Advertising); Michael Richner (AMS Media). Responsible at Jung von Matt/LimmatLorenz Clormann (creative direction); Lukas Amgwerd, Fabian Zahner (text); Benjamin Staudenmann (art direction); Noemi Russenberger (graphic and screen design); Romana Weber (strategy); Michael Hümbeli, Vera Riemeier (consulting); Bettina Beyeler, Pepe Kägi (DTP); Fabrizio Rutishauser (image editing). Responsible at Jung von Matt/PlayNatascha Imfeld (Art Buying). External partners: Goodmeat (film production); Carioca Studio @Visualeyes International (photography); Visualeyes International (production photography).

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