Floralp remains irresistible thanks to Leo Burnett

The long-standing Floralp campaign by Leo Burnett Switzerland will be enriched by new subjects this year as well.


While Igeli or Grittibänz were the main characters in recent years, this year the butter trade organization has returned to the origins of the campaign with Leo Burnett. Nothing but a piece of fine pastry and Floralp preferred butter let the viewer immediately feel the irresistible taste. The new motifs can now be seen as posters throughout Switzerland.


Responsible for Floralp: Peter Ryser (Managing Director BO Butter), Martin Rüst (Head of Advertising & Key Account SMP), Xenia Hupp (Project Manager Advertising & Key Account SMP), Caroline Nagiel (AMS Media). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Lars Wohlnick (ECD), Martin Stulz (ECD), Barbara Hartmann (Art Direction), Gisela Widmer, Michela Iseli, Lara Cavelti (Consulting). Responsible at Prodigious: Sarida Bossoni, Suzana Kovacevic (Art Buying). Photography: Martina Meier.

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