Jung von Matt/Limmat launches the Grillitarians for Migros

With the Grillitarians, Jung von Matt/Limmat launches a barbecue platform for Migros. The campaign, launched this week, unites all people with their most diverse tastes. Because Grillitarians are all of us. As different as vegetarians, pescetarians, flexitarians or meat lovers are, one thought unites them all: They only eat what has touched a grill.


Grillitarians love grilled meat, fish and vegetables and find everything they need at Migros. This is shown in the manifesto film directed by Bart Timmer to kick off the Migros Grill campaign, thus launching the long-term central idea "Everything for Grillitarians".


In addition, Migros is specifically addressing the diverse and sustainable range of products for Grillitarians with themed films about meat, fish and vegetables. Accompanying this are various print and digital poster motifs that characterize the Grillitarians and make everyone part of the grill movement.

Everything for #GRILLITARIER on Grillitarier.ch

At Grillitarier.ch vegetarians, pescetarians, flexitarians and meat lovers meet. In collaboration with selected food and barbecue professionals, Migros produces new barbecue inspirations on the Grill Wall every day and presents the latest barbecue hits from its range. Furthermore, you can take part in the weekly competition and win a Grillitarier party. With everything you need and the support of grill chef David Geisser, who travels all over Switzerland in a branded van from the 1970s.


A new world for Migros offers

Together with the campaign, a new concept for Migros offer advertising was created - for print, online and moving image. The offer communication is characterized by food and product images and can be specifically adapted for barbecue and summer offers or for special weeks such as "Bella Italia". In addition, these measures can address Migros' wide-ranging competencies in greater depth.

At the point of sale, too, it is demonstrated that Migros is the home of the grillitarians: Signposts to the most important grilled products or rotairs hung on grill tongs characterize the stores and thus put the product range in the foreground. The grill campaign is now in use throughout Switzerland.


Responsible at Migros Genossenschaftsbund: Roman Reichelt (Head of Marketing Communications), Conradin Schaad (Head of Market Development), Pascal Schaub (Head of Umbrella Brand), Marta Mielcarek (Head of Focus & Special Projects), Désirée Strassmann (Head of Umbrella Campaigns), Isabelle Britschgi (Project Manager Theme Promotions), Eveline Zollinger (Project Manager Theme Promotions), Bojana Taraba (Project Manager Communications Umbrella Campaigns), Sergio Pintadu (Junior Project Manager Digital Communications), Philipp Marquard (Head Media), Simone Blaser (Project Manager Media), Rolf Mathys (Head POP Management). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Alain Eicher (Creative Direction), Matthias Fürst, Christina Baeriswyl (Art Direction), Anna Leudolph, Balz Chen, Evelyne Wyss, Simon Urban (Text) Noemi Russenberger, Kimberly Fasser, Emmanuel Denier, Lily Metzker (Graphic and Screeendesign), Tanja Thurnherr, Marie-Hélène Thornton, Kathrin Gautschi, Mirjam Eberle, Patrik Muntwyler (Consulting), Philipp Siegenthaler (Strategy), Michel Nellen (Influencer Marketing), Amina Elmallawany, Pepe Kägi (DTP), Thomas Steiner (Client Service Director), Stefan Naef (Executive Planning Director), Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt/play: Natascha Imfeld (Art Buying). External partners: Czar Zurich: Thorne Mutert (Executive Producer), Vincent Taeger (Producer), Stella Falderbaum (Postproducer), Bart Timmer (Director), Ultra Images (Animation), Jingle Jungle Tonstudio (Sound), 2WEI Music, Marcel Zyskind (DoP), Simon Barnes (Photography), Grinder Films: David Rowley (Executive Producer).

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