Beyond the playing field: Ice maker and mascot portrayed for ice hockey campaign

Mit #morethanhockey kreiert Y&R Group Switzerland mit PostFinance, der Hauptsponsorin des Schweizer Eishockeys, eine Bühne für alle, die mit Leidenschaft und Begeisterung für den Sport mitfiebern.


In the large-scale social media campaign #morethanhockey, for once the focus is not on the players, but on those who give everything behind the scenes: The mother of NHL star Nino Niederreiter, Switzerland's best-known ice maker and the flying mascot Sherkan were portrayed in high-profile videos.

But this was just the beginning: The film for the campaign has recently gone online and generated well over 350,000 views on Facebook in just a few days. From an unusual perspective in image and sound, with rapper Gimma among others, everyone is sung about who is otherwise not in the spotlight: From the parents who drive their children to training to the sausage vendor and the ice master in the stadium. They all contribute to the incomparable charisma of this sport. In another project, a remake of the most popular fan song is dedicated to this passion. Coming soon to #morethanhockey.

Responsible at PostFinance: Ursula Käser (Head of Communications); Thomas Zimmermann, Barbara Kälberer (Brand Experience); Pascal Frey, Stefanie Heiz (Realization). Responsible at Y&R Group Switzerland: Swen Morath (CCO), Ben Franken (Creative Director), Sonja Gross, (Art Direction), Anna Leudolph (Concept, Text), Konstantinos Gkikas (Concept), Lukas Diem (Strategy), Sandro Tschuor, Livia Hochstrasser, Romaine Brunner (Consulting). Film production: Signorell - Creative Production Agency: Riccardo Signorell (Producer/Director), Dayana Signorell (Producer), Robert Ralston/Luca Keller (Camera), Elia Maletta (Edit), Marcela Borgon (Line Producer). Recording studio: Sonorous, Artist: Gimma, Domenico NX Nico Genna, David Charles, Sandro Dietrich.

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