Rivella calls on traditional Swiss brands for social media challenge

Rivella is encouraging other traditional Swiss companies to post photos from the past on social media - following the general trend of children's photos.


Weird hairstyles, strange clothes, but somehow cute - many timelines on Facebook or Instagram currently feature children's photos from the past. After all, posting pictures from your own childhood is a big social media trend. As part of this challenge, Rivella has now become the first Swiss brand to post a photo from the past. At the same time, Rivella has invited other traditional brands from Switzerland to do the same.


In the meantime, Ovomaltine, Pepita, Zweifel, Vivi Kola, Appenzeller Biberli and many more have responded to this call. This is a great example of how the immersive storytelling concept that Notch Interactive developed for Rivella can be used to repeatedly create topical content that is relevant and spreads on social media. Challenge accepted!


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