Contexta makes Bell glow with large grill cinema

With the new barbecue campaign, Bell and Contexta launch the barbecue for doers.


Every year, more and more brands want to conquer the culinary playing field around the barbecue. Bell thinks it's time for the leader to show who's boss in this terrain. Time for great barbecue cinema.

The centerpiece of the campaign, which will run from May 22, is the film "The Barbecue for Doers," which will be used on TV and online in various cut lengths. Reinforced by activating appetizers in print and other measures, from branded entertainment to the series of popular Bell BBQ Masters, which focus on the brand's quality leadership.


Responsible at Bell Switzerland: Davide Elia (Head of Corporate Marketing/Communications), Nicole Schaad (Project Manager Corporate Marketing). Responsible lead agency: Contexta. Film production: Stories; Michael Fueter (director), Michael Mieke (cinematographer), Yves Bollag (executive producer), Louis v. Mallinckrodt (producer), Luca Brügger and Dario Voirol (sound design and mixing). Music: Spacetrain. Food Styling: Christian Splettstösser. Photography: Eugen Leu (Eugen Leu & Partner). Media: ZipMedia, Caroline Nünlist.

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