FCB Zurich shows how Helsana is committed to a balanced Switzerland

FCB Zurich, in collaboration with Helsana, has developed an integrated advertising and communication campaign dedicated to the topic of balance. The Swiss population is encouraged to lead a more balanced and thus healthier life.


In Switzerland, 1.3 million of all working people feel quite or very exhausted. Helsana is actively committed to providing an individual balance to everyday stress and supports the Swiss population in exercising more, relaxing better and eating a balanced diet.

The national campaign kicks off with two TV commercials. These show with a wink of the eye that balance means something different for each person: For example, a hard rocker recharges his batteries with Pilates, while a muscleman relaxes in the evening with knitting.



The two TV spots are flanked by posters, advertisements and numerous online measures, all of which lead to the campaign site helsana.ch/ausgleich. There, visitors will find effective tips, valuable inspiration, and Helsana's offers, services, and expertise to help them find their individual balance.

In media cooperations, Helsana shows, among other things, how to keep everyday life in balance through conscious digital consumption, and at the second Helsana Health Forum in the Kursaal in Bern, experts give talks and discuss all aspects of the topic of balance. The "Health Bus on Tour" promotion, where customers and passers-by can evaluate their personal stress levels, rounds off the extensive campaign and demonstrates Helsana's national commitment right down to the point of sale.

Responsible at Helsana: Simon Neuner (Head of Marketing & Communications), Melania Cabanas, Anja Borchhardt (Marketing & Communications), Sabrina Molinari, Christine Grabowski, Franziska Lange (Brand & Live Experience), Katja Birrer, Carmen Schmidli (Content & Communication), Roger Rübsam, Claudia Kurt (Digital & Publishing), Andrea Bärtschi (Touchpoint Experience), Christine Schär (Market Analytics & Insights). Responsible at FCB Zurich: Marcin Baba, Andy Lusti (Creative Direction), Paul Labun (Art Direction), Fabian Zahner (Copywriter), Mark Becher (Client Service Director), Jonas Brändli, Cécile Hudgins (Consulting). Responsible at WirzFraefelPaal (film production): Sebastian Alfie (Director), Jan Mettler (DOP), Stefan Fraefel (Executive Producer), Nina Wirth (Producer), Rahel Schneebeli (Production Assistant). Responsible photo production: Per Kasch (photography), Lina Baumann (photo production), POP (postproduction). Responsible at Great Garbo (music): Diego Baldenweg, Nora Baldenweg, Lionel Baldenweg. Responsible at Tonstudio Z (Sound Design): Renzo D'Alberto. Responsible at Konnex (Media): Monica Jäggi, Peter Döbeli, Judith Bischoff, Marco Berto.

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