Advico turns doubt chip experts into cracker experts

It is well known that the Zweifel crisps experts do everything for the best crisps. In the latest Zweifel commercial, the chips experts also prove their talent in baking and do everything for the best crackers.


So they are on fire when rolling out the dough and in their zest for action they stir up a lot of flour in grandmother's bakery. When they then also reach for the famous paprika powder, grandmother sees black for her crackers. But much to Grandma's surprise, the unconventionally seasoned crackers taste delicious. And we're all glad, otherwise there wouldn't be the new Pita Crackers with Rosemary and Salt flavors and Crispy-Thin Crackers with Paprika and Salt flavors to buy. Happy ending.

Responsible at Zweifel Pomy-Chips: Roger Harlacher (Delegate of the Board of Directors and CEO), Christoph Zweifel (Director Marketing & Sales), Patrick Logo (Group Product Manager), Sabina Thaqi (Product Manager). Responsible at Y&R Group Switzerland: Markus Gut (CCO), Michael Gallmann, Sonja Gross (AD), Natasa Maricic, Julia Brandstätter (text), Kyrill Muff (graphics), Corina Carabelli, Kerstin Schnyder (consulting), Rosas & Co Films AG (film production), Barney Cokeliss (director), Südlich-t (post-production), Jingle Jungle (sound), Anne Kulonen (music)

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