Publicis creates new sponsorship films for Swiss International Air Lines

In two new films, Publicis shows the sponsoring commitment of the airline Swiss in alpine skiing and ice hockey.


Representing Switzerland with pride. As Switzerland's airline, Swiss is the perfect partner for the national ski and ice hockey teams. All three represent Switzerland with great pride, passion and success, both nationally and internationally. And for all three, it's the little things that make the big difference. To be successful in sports, many details have to be right.

The same applies to a successful airline. We dramatize these commonalities in an emotional way in the new sponsorship films with Swiss-Ski and the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation. Both films were and are shown on TV during major events such as the 2017 World Ski Championships in St. Moritz and the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championships, respectively.

Responsible at Swiss: Bernhard Christen (Head of Marketing), Judith Schulte (Head of Marketing Communication Campaigns); Tanja Rüeger (Project Lead Marketing Comm. Campaigns); Caroline Drischel (Head of Brand Management), Christoph Meyer (Head of Content & Dialogue Marketing), Franziska Schneider (Events & Sponsoring). Responsible at Publicis: Patrick Suter (CD), Marvin Hugentobler (AD), David Lübke (Text), Candido Righetto (Managing Director), Sandro Looser, Flavio Alraun, Sara Graf (Consulting), Cem van der Schaar (Head of TV), Markenfilm Schweiz (Film Production), Georgi Banks-Davies (Director), Michael Gloor (Producer), JingleJungle (Music, Sound).

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