cR Kommunikation, Mémo Kommunikation and Lichtspiele become CRK

The three companies from the fields of PR, marketing, advertising and film are now operating jointly as "CRK - Communication, Creation, Cinema". The result is a communications agency that covers the entire field of modern communications services, from campaigning, public affairs, branding, advertising, digital marketing and film production.


"Above all, the merger represents a bundling of those competencies that we consider to be the future of our industry: The creative idea as the center of every campaign, the moving image as the carrier of messages and the skill in managing digital channels. If you don't master these skills, you can't give the market any impetus," says Patrick Marty, Partner at CRK.

And Moritz Staehelin, Creative Director and Partner, adds: "From our point of view, the experience and know-how of the people at CRK complement each other perfectly. Digital cracks, experienced consultants in politics and business and young lateral thinkers come together. We were immediately taken with the idea of a common umbrella for the three companies."

The three companies have been working together for some time now: For the past two years, they have been involved in joint projects, such as the launch of the new SwissID at the beginning of 2017, the presentation for IG Retail Trade, and the campaign for the referendum on the Energy Act at the beginning of 2017. The integration is therefore also an expression and continuation of an already proven collaboration between the companies.

CRK employs 30 people at its locations in Bern, Basel and Zurich.

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