Cannes Lions launches Luxury & Lifestyle Lions and discontinues Mobile Lions

The launch of Luxury & Lifestyle Lions recognizes the significant change and disruption in creative marketing of brands in the luxury segment.

(Photo: Cannes Lions)

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has announced the launch of the Luxury & Lifestyle Lions. This award will become a global benchmark for brands in the luxury segment, recognizing the most impactful creative work, experiences and creative business solutions for the luxury and lifestyle sectors, according to the Oct. 19 press release.

Simon Cook, CEO of LIONS, said, "When we introduce an award that reflects the needs of an industry, the award is designed in collaboration with the relevant industry. Our global panel of experts advised us that this vastly changing sector needs its own benchmark to move from raising awareness to recognizing solutions that transform business models and set a new creative standard for a changing market. The Luxury & Lifestyle Lions will recognize brand communications and solutions that drive business performance and brand loyalty. A multi-disciplinary jury will set a new standard for the luxury sector and award creative work that elevates the discipline and the sector."

Marian Brannelly, Global Director of Awards at LIONS, added: "The luxury market has seen significant changes in recent years and post-pandemic. A shift in consumer behavior and an accelerated shift to e-commerce and new technologies are just a few areas where the market has had to navigate and innovate at a rapid pace. Add to this shifting values among new demographics, the changing definition of luxury in non-Western markets, and the need for an increased focus on sustainability and conscious consumption. This is where the critical role of world-class creativity in this transformation becomes clear."

WARC's 'Guide to luxury marketing in an era of change' reveals that the luxury sector has picked up steam after the Covid 19 pandemic and is expected to surpass pre-crisis levels in 2023 as activity in China normalizes.

Further research from Ipsos showed that the global luxury market is changing, bringing new opportunities and challenges. Demographic changes in emerging markets will create over one billion first-time buyers, concentrated in China, India and Southeast Asia. Their purchasing power will be supported by the rapid digital adoption of a young, urban and tech-savvy population, the Cannes Lions Press Team release added.

Charles Georges-Picot, Global CEO at Marcel and Publicis Luxe, Global Client Lead, commented on the award: "At a time when the luxury sector must constantly reinvent, transform and honor brand identity while maintaining an eye on the future, the launch of the Luxury & Lifestyle Lions will help set a new creative benchmark for this vastly changing and exciting sector. We know that creativity has the power to transcend boundaries and advance sectors and disciplines. We look forward to a new industry standard that redefines how we look at brand communication, business models and creative transformation in this dynamic space."

This year, 'Kaguya by GUCCI' by Dentsu Inc, Tokyo, received a Bronze Lion in the Film Craft category at Cannes Lions. The work featured music that celebrated a blend of historical Japanese art forms and the latest creative technology. Toshihiko Tanabe, the creative director behind the work, commented on the launch of Luxury & Lifestyle Lions: "Luxury campaigns are not just about glitzy celebrities dancing in the sunset. For years, luxury marketing has served as a platform to showcase visual art and pop culture in a contemporary way."

On other changes to Lions, Brannelly said it is important that awards reflect the current landscape and pave the way forward. Therefore, he said, it is equally important to terminate Lions when necessary. In 2024, they would discontinue Mobile Lions after consulting with their juries. Mobile is firmly entrenched in work across all channels and disciplines, he said, and in recent years, creatively led mobile technology has expanded into nearly every Lion.

Detailed information on the Luxury & Lifestyle Lions, including definition, criteria and categories, will be published in November. Details on the jury president and jury will be announced early next year, and submissions for Cannes Lions 2024 will be accepted from January 18, 2024.

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