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Unikat continues the "Hunziker" campaign for Lidl Switzerland.


In the summer of 2015, Lidl Switzerland launched a large-scale information campaign called "Darum" (That's why), inviting Swiss consumers to look over the company's shoulders as it went about its daily business (Werbewoche Print reported). Lidl's aim was to answer questions from the public on the topics of price, origin, quality, sustainability and Lidl as an employer. This open dialog took place with great success at the specially designed website takes place. TV commercials are another important means of communication. The spots aired so far can be seen on the "Darum" site and the Lidl CH YouTube channel, where they have already been viewed over 1.5 million times.

Kurt Hunziker is at the center of the TV commercial campaign. A notorious stick-in-the-mud, skeptic and yet somehow likeable guy. In a series comprising several commercials, the oddball family man evolves from a prejudiced doubter into a veritable Lidl fan. A new adventure with the Hunzikers can now be seen on TV and on various online portals. In it, the topic of "sustainable fishing" is dealt with in Kurt Hunziker's typical manner...

Responsible at Lidl Switzerland, Weinfelden: Reto Ruch (Executive Board Purchasing & Marketing), Raphael Werner (Head of Marketing & Advertising), Robert Uwira (Deputy Head of Marketing & Advertising). Responsible at Unikat Kommunikationsagentur, Küsnacht: Daniel Meier, Patrick Lienert, Samo Stahler, Manuel Schnoz (creation), Claudia Imholz, Arlene Berchtold (consulting). Film production: Manifesto Films, Zurich, Producer: Shannon Mildon, Client Services: Charlotte Hottinger, Director: Reto Salimbeni, Post-Production Supervisor: Andy Weimer, Motion Graphics: Tabea Bühlmann, Edit: Pauline von Moos, Grading: Roger Sommer, Music: Fred Herrmann (Hitmill).

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