Agency at the airport shipped bottles

Once a year, VBZ Trafficmedia reminds local media decision-makers of the advertising opportunities on streetcars and buses in the city of Limmat. The agency at the airport created the mailing.

This time, it was based on an advertising impact study recently conducted by VBZ for the new lifestyle drink Yotoco. So the creative team from Altenrhein immediately named the product a hero and sent out unpackaged, directly addressed and VBZ-blue printed bottles of the new drink. Inside, the recipients found the complete study booklet, which proves how successful bus and streetcar roof advertising can be, even with the launch of new products and even with a small budget.


Responsible at VBZ Trafficmedia: Alija Idriz (Head of VBZ TrafficMedia), Daniel Andres (Sales Manager VBZ TrafficMedia), Serge Nater (Product Management VBZ Trafficmedia). Responsible at Agentur am Flughafen, Altenrhein: René Eugstair (Creative Direction), Dominique Rutishauser (Art Direction), Valeria Hörler (Graphics), Miriam Egli (Text/Consulting).

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