Publicis for Postfinance private customers: Pay in a flash

Postfinance is the first major financial institution to introduce contactless payment by debit card. Publicis has brought split-second payment to special film and banner implementations.

Until now, contactless payment was only possible via credit cards. For amounts of up to 40 francs, all you had to do was hold the card up to the payment terminal, wait for the beep, and you're done. Now available at most retail outlets in Switzerland. In short one-take films, Postfinance customers make surprising spontaneous purchases - at lightning speed. And in a moving image banner, it is shown with a wink that contactless is also much faster at ticket machines.

Responsible at Postfinance: Ursula Käser, Martin Hügli (steering), Silvan Merki, Katrin Aeschlimann (communication concept), Teodoro Pizzino, Sonja Homberger (marketing), Simone Kriesi, Rémy Spicher (realization). Responsible at Publicis/Havas Media: Patrick Suter (CD), David Luebke (Text), Marvin Hugentobler (AD), Dominik Locher (Graphics), Karin Lang, Matthias Koller, Cathy Nyffenegger, Esra Yigit, Pascale Kohler, Giada Perotto (Consulting), Cem van der Schaar (Head of TV), Benjamin Kägi (Art Buying), Massimo Giannotta (Digital), Peter Stäuble, Jonas Hartmann, Philipp Zubler, Nik Hidber (DTP), Adrian Häni (Production), Adrian van Velsen, Denise Rosenberger, Oliver Nater, Marcos Trabadelo (Media); responsible for production film and photo: WirzFraefel Paal Productions, Rolf Hellat (director), Andreas Graber, Sandro Mazzola (photo).

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